Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas On Budget

You must not neglect modern bathroom lights while planning your interior. Bathroom interior has the same importance or maybe more than a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Many people are not familiar with bath interior. We are going to discuss the top 10 lights for your bathroom. It will not only brighten your bathroom but it will also make your bathroom modern and well decorated.

modern bathroom lighting ideas on budget
modern bathroom lighting ideas on budget

Basic Strip Bathroom Bar By Artemide

Get the amazing architectural look for your bath with basic strip bath bar. It is very popular and one of the bestselling lights for the bathroom. It has a clean and smooth light. The light comes in two different base colour options, white and aluminium. White base has white end caps and aluminium base has silver plastic end caps. Both bases have an amazing look. The light comes in different watts option. You can choose this light with different watt and base option according to your bathroom area and wall paint.

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Harper Bath Bar By Hudson Valley Lighting

The Hudson valley Harper bath gives you a smooth but strong lighting effect. You can fix it horizontal or vertical. It has two brighten glass. It has a solid brass frame. It is a good choice for any designed bathroom. It has a variety of colours so you can choose according to your bath wall. Hudson valley is the finest company when it comes to traditional vintage lighting. They have many satisfied customers.

Casual Luxury Bath Bar By Feiss

Add Casual Luxury Bath Bar and make your bathroom look luxurious. It comes in set of two, three, and four lights. You can choose any according to your need. It has a lamp shape. It will give luxury effect to your bath wall. It is available in bronze and silver shades. It is affordable and environmentally friendly. Install it over a mirror while grooming and doing makeup. You can install it in any size of bathroom or vanity.

Candle Sconce

bathroom renovation ideas on budget
bathroom renovation ideas on budget

Just like its name it has a candle shape. It’s a small light but you can install it in more than one different places. It gives perfect smooth light. Install it on both sides of your grooming mirror to have the perfect light for your makeup. There are different options of back plate colour according to your bath wall. With this, you can have a beautiful bath light with affordable price.

Metro Bath Bar By Tech Lighting

Metro Bath Bar is a good commercial and residential choice for bath light. It’s a good interior choice for a luxury bath. It is a little expensive for a residential bath. It comes in two sizes small and large. It is mostly fits both side of the mirror. It is a good but a little expensive choice.

H1400 Linear Series Bath Bar

modern bathroom remodeling ideas on budget
modern bathroom remodeling ideas on budget

Linear Series Bath Bar is mostly use on the top of the bath mirrors. That light has smooth down light and up light effect. It gives an adorable and relaxing light effect to your bath. It is also good for grooming because it gives perfect bright light for your grooming.

Chord LED Bath Bar

Chord LED Bath Bar is a simple slim vanity light bar. It has many different shapes and design. It looks adorable and fits with any type of interior. It provides 300 lumens of smooth white light.

M Series Light with Glass Shade

The slim and elegant design makes it one of the most stylish vanities light. It gives a perfect look to your vanity mirror. It has the dimming and brightening capability. It has different beautiful shapes. It will make your vanity look amazing.

Chase Bath Bar By Robert Abbey

You must have seen chase bath bar at any residential or commercial place. Its stylish fixture gives a modern look. It has much variety in shape, finishing and designs. It can be used horizontal and vertical according to space.

One Light Bath Sconce

bathroom decoration ideas on budget
bathroom decoration ideas on budget

One Light Bath Sconce is a bowl shape bathroom vanity light. It is one of the most affordable lights. It gives a smooth light and very easy to install. It is common and many people are currently using it.


Decorate your bathroom with modern bathroom lights. There are many types of lights these days. For us, these are the top 10. Consider these top 10 lights while decorating and also share with the people who are planning to decorate their bathroom. These lights will give your interior more worth.

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