Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

mobile home remodeling ideas

Mobile home remodeling is an interesting and exciting task to do. There are so many mobile homes out there in various places. But somehow people seem reluctant to use it or are forced to leave it because they are out dated or have lesser space than a normal house.

This matter can easily be settled if you consider mobile home remodeling ideas of the mobile house.  Many of us think about how to remodel a mobile house and it may sound tricky and exhausting but worry not. We are here to tell you easy steps to remodel mobile home.

Following are the ideas to remodel a mobile house:

1. Remodeling Mobile Home Walls

remodel mobile home wall

Walls design have a great impact on the eyes of the visitor or resident. One way to make an easy yet huge difference in the house is to replace walls for mobile homes. Paint your walls with something bright or pastel colours as you like, to add life to your manufactured home.

2. Remodeling Mobile Home Kitchen

Mobile Home Kitchen Remodeling ideas

Remodeling the kitchen is very exciting for many people. There are so many options to consider when you are thinking about renovation of mobile home kitchen, just like

Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets of the kitchen are one the prominent things of the kitchen. If they are old or dirty, your kitchen may seem ugly.

You can make the kitchen of your mobile home appealing by painting its cabinets in a new hue. It will give a refreshed look to your kitchen.

Installing a Backsplash

Installing a backsplash in your kitchen can really level up the game of renovation of your mobile home. You can easily install peel-and-stick on back splash that are available in so many different colours and designs.

Changing The Flooring

Replacing and old floor with a new one is sometimes a necessary evil on your pocket. But trust us, on the longer run it is proven more budget friendly as compared to repairing the old floor every now and then

3. Remodeling Mobile Home Bathroom

before and after Bathroom Remodeling
before and after Bathroom Remodeling

Many of us think about what is the cost of remodeling a mobile home? If you ask us, honestly it is not much, only if you take steps wisely. The only way to remodel a mobile home on budget is to utilize what you already have.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Thorough Cleaning can put a widely positive impact on the look of your mobile home bathroom. Clean up the tiles, bathroom ware and bath tub. Clean up the walls also.

Organize The Stuff

Organizing is the first key step while renovating a house. Organize the toiletries and linen in a smart metal rack instead of deep, space consuming shelves.

Fix a Bathroom Accessories

Sanitary ware repair and restoration is major task in remodel a bathroom. Fix bathroom sink, broken ceramic toilet and cracked door if you think it is necessary.

Upgrade The Bathtub

Update the bathtub instead of replacing it. Upgrading the bath tub of your manufactured home bathroom will cost you less than installing a new bathtub. You can consider the following ideas to upgrade the bath tub:

  1. You can reglaze your existing bath tub instead of installing a new one, which will save you a lot of money. But keep in mind that if your tub is too old or molded then reglazing is of no use and it can cause wastage of money.
  2. You may paint your bath tub in a new, cool colour, this can increase the life of your tub.
  3. You can add a beautiful shower curtain to add beauty and comfort.

4. Exterior

mobile home remodeling ideas
mobile home remodeling ideas

Mobile home exterior remodel is the first thing to catch someone’s eye. If exterior is attractive and clean then people will consider entering the place otherwise they may feel hesitant to give a visit.

There are some crucial ideas to renovate the exterior of the mobile home

Change The Roof

One of the ideas is to change the style of the roof according to the new trend. You can install a new roof over the existing roof (link of another article) to make it more durable. It will also save you the unhinging expenditure of old roof.

Paint The Exterior Walls

Paint the exterior of the manufactured home in a nice new colour to give it a totally contemporary appearance.

Install a New Door And Windows

Installing Exterior door and windows of modern design can put a huge positive impression on the look of your mobile home.

Or if you want to do this step even in a cheaper way, you can simply paint the doors and windows because painting is the easiest and cheapest way to renovate a place.

Add a Porch

A Porch can give a whole new look to your mobile home. Adding a porch will also increase the exterior space of your house which will be a plus in the renovation of your home.

Add Some Plants

You will really be surprised that how adding some nice plants can completely change the surroundings of your house. On the other hand, they will provide you with shade and are free, natural air purifiers.