Interior Design Trends That Are IN And OUT In 2020

floral room wallpaper

2020 has brought us a very different life routine for all of us. Quarantine and staying home has made people focus on the interior more. As we spend more time in a place , we want to amend it more according to our needs and comfort.

This aspect has changed the preference of people to choose the interior and decor of their houses.

Let’s put some light on the top in and out trends of 2020 in home decor:

Interior Design Trends 2020 List

In : Door Integrated Hardware

The minimal seamless look of integrated hardware is what people are loving these days. It gives your place calming and ordered look and it is pleasing to your eyes.

Out : Oversized Pulls

The oversized pulls and huge handles and out of fashion now. They have been replaced by sleek and streamlined Integrated hardware.

sleek door handle - integrated hardware
sleek door handle – integrated hardware

In : Floral Wallpapers

Floral Wallpapers are a big in this year.  Everyone is going into upholstering their walls by putting attractive and elegant floral wallpapers.

It gives your room a fresh look and you can spend as many hours there as you want.

Out : Geometrical Prints

Geometric shapes and geometrical prints have dominated the interior designing for a very long time. But it’s gone for the time being. It has been replaced with eye catching florals.

In : Bold Monochromatic

Monochromatic does not always have to be black or white. Every shade can be played in as monochrome in decorating the house.

Cobalt blue and Aubergine can be your daring monochromes to evoke your rooms beauty.

Out : Pale Monochromatic

Pale hued Monochromatic rooms were once liked by many. Grey , white or beige monochromes with all the furniture, fabric, walls and floor of same palette were in

Pale Monochromatic lacks the excitement which is definitely not the element of 2020, so it’s out.

Bold Monochromatic room decor
Bold Monochromatic room decor

In : Dark Hued Doors

Dark coloured doors add warmth and richness to the house. Dark doors and integrated hardware give artistic to the place.

Out : White Doors

All matching white doors with the walls are now out of demand. It lacks the bold statement of the interior designing.

door decor ideas
door decor ideas

In : Warm Tones

Warm shades such as chocolate brown , wine, olive green , dull orange and yellow ochre are now dominating in the homes. It gives warmth to your sweet home and add natural look.

Out : Cool Tones

People are saying goodbye to the cool tones that has been the trend for years. Either it is fabric or paint , warm and   saturated colours are given preference over cool tones.

room color combination trend
room color combination trend

In : Fun Design for Bathroom

Bathrooms are now considered a free place to experiment designs and have fun in choosing wallpapers, colours and materials.

Out : Open Shelving

Open shelving is what needs lots of your time to keep them tidy and decorated. Being practical, people are putting this idea down. They are out of fashion now.

In : Kitchen with Eat-in-Area

Mostly family members end up hanging in the kitchen while eating. Keeping this in view , now people like an Eat-in- Area in the kitchen where a kitchen island serves as the dinning table with seating arranged around it.

Out : Typical Kitchen Island

Typical Kitchen Island are not comfortable for eating and for kids so it’s not that much in nowadays.

In : Environment Friendly Fireplace

People are well aware of their actions putting impact on the environment. Switching to environmental friendly fireplaces is a wise choice. It does not need necessary ventilation and installation is very convenient and cost effective.

Out : Gas and Wood Fireplaces

Conventional fireplaces needs high maintenance and emit lots of carbon dioxide in the environment. They are also a load on the budget.

Last Words

These were some in and out trends in interior designing for the year of 2020. We hope this article have helped you to take decisions easily while choosing designs for your sweet home.