Halloween 2020: How to safely celebrate Halloween this year

Halloween is around the corner but Covid-19 is also still in the air. So everyone is thinking the same question ‘how to celebrate Halloween this year?’ Health experts say that many traditional activities of celebrating Halloween have high risk of spreading the virus.

But it does not mean that this celebration should be cancelled entirely. There are possible safe ways to adapt this year to celebrate Halloween without risking you and your loved ones health.

Let us discuss some ways to celebrate this spooky occasion (yet not spookier than 2020 itself) safely.

Safe Ways of Celebrating Halloween

Decoration is the key

Decorate your house the spookier and scarier you can this year. Indulge yourself and your kids in DIY projects for decorating your house for Halloween. It will keep all of you consumed and you will definitely enjoy it. Decorate the indoor and outdoor too.

halloween deoration


Outdoor Spooky Graveyard

Turn your yard into spooky graveyard and make the kids have fun outdoors. Put tombstones, stakes, some skeletons, cotton mesh ghosts and what not you want. It will keep you and the kids engaged within the vicinity of your house.

spooky graveyard

 Plan a Horror Movie night

Have a close family and friends only movie night.  Set everyone six feet apart and hand everyone single-serve drinks and food. In this way you can enjoy scary, horror movies together while socially distanced as well.

horror movie night

Trick or Treat with a Twist

Instead of handing over the candies to kids who as a result will cause a high risk of disease spreading, think about some clever idea this time. Just like make pouches of candies and treats before hand and hang them out doors on a spooky tree or just put them on a table in your yard.

helloween foods

Have a virtual Costume Party

People moved along this year by doing many tasks virtually. So why not have a virtual costume party. Put on your costumes and wigs, invite your friends and family and have party through some video chat app.

halloween costume aprty

Spend Time Making Halloween treats

Indulge your kids in baking and decorating their own Halloween treats like cookies and cakes. There are endless options to satiate your sweet tooth (or savoury-tooth) while having fun with your family or friends in kitchen this Halloween.


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Carve and Decorate Pumpkins

Carving and decorating pumpkins is one of the essentials of Halloween tradition. Arrange a separate pumpkin for each individual to avoid risk of contact with virus. Hold a virtual competition of pumpkin carving through some video call app and have fun.

Carve and Decorate Pumpkins


Arrange a scavenger hunt for your kids

Hide candies, treats or Halloween related spooky things inside and around your house. Let the kids dress up and go for a scavenger hunt. This will keep them moving and they will not get bored consequently.

cloth ghost for halloween

Decorate themed face masks

Decorate face mask that are matching to the theme of your or your kid’s costume. They will surely get excited to have them and they will also wear them obediently without any forcing.

halloween themed face masks

Stir up Spooky Drinks

You can plan on having some themed spooky drinks. It will spice up the Halloween spirit in everyone. Buy some dry ice and make a combination of themed drinks with spooky decorations. It will look spooky-liscious.

Stir up Spooky Drinks

Final Say

We have shared a few ideas of how you can celebrate Halloween safely with Covid this 2020. You can still enjoy the scariness of Halloween in quarantine as well by taking wise steps just told above. A pandemic have not stopped our lives before and it should not stop you from celebrating little haplessness around you.