How To Get Rid Of Spiders in Basement

how to keep spiders out of your house

How To Get Rid Of Spiders in Basement

Most of the cellar spiders are harmless. There are still so many reasons you would not like to have spiders or spider web in your house basement. Here you will get the tips to rid of spiders in basement permanently.

Let’s first discuss why spiders must not be in your basement or any place of your home. As I mentioned earlier that most of the spiders are harmless but there is a myth the venom of cellar spider is the deadliest on the planet but there is nothing like that. There is a fear called arachnophobia, it is a fear of cellar spiders. Roundabout 5 percent of the world population suffering from arachnophobia now this is a good reason to spider control.

Most people ask, should i kill spiders? Well in my opinion it is not a good idea to get kill spiders because it’s not a permanent / natural solution. So what is good the best idea to keep spiders out of your house basement? The answer is in the following.

Does White Vinegar Kill Spiders

White vinegar spider is a common household available in almost all kitchens. Therefore, it is easily available to make a spider repellent spray. Just you need to have a spray bottle and mix water and vinegar equally in the bottle, your DIY homemade spider killer with vinegar is ready.

Now you might have a question in your mind, how vinegar is useful to spider control? The vinegar contains acetic acid, which are best spider killer.
Spray the mixture on the sheds and corners and if you have already spotted a spider nest then spry it there. After spray, you will see no spider just in few days.

Use Diatomaceous Powder To Have No Spider in The Basement

Diatomaceous powder uses for different purposes like Improve bone health, Promote hair growth, Promote skin health and strong nails, etc. It is also known as diatomaceous earth. Do you know it can be helpful to kill spiders? Yes, it can kill cellar spiders.

Diatomaceous earth contains 80% to 90% silica, some minerals, and a little bit of iron oxide which is naturally good to kill spiders and other insects.
Spread Diatomaceous earth powder in the basement and banish spiders from the basement. Also, you can use it in other places in your home. It is not harmful to any animal if you have a pet so you don’t need to worry if any animal takes it. Even it is good for human health.

Remove The Access of The Spiders

Spiders usually came from cracks, holes, and gaps. They can have their nest or you can say their homes where they can be safe.
So the first and best thing to do is to fill the gaps and cracks on the wall holes in the wall or ceiling. Fill them so they cannot come out.

I know it’s a little difficult and time taking task to just removing spiders. But, It is also good for your basement and home as well. Take this task as your home refurbishing. Therefore, you will refurbish your home and close the chapter of spiders as well.

Banish Spiders with Essential oils

Essential oil is another thing to keep spiders away. Essential oil extract from plants. It has different types with different names like volatile oils, ethereal oils, etc and it is used for different purposes. Here is one of the purposes that only a few people know that it can help banish spiders.

How to use essential oils to banish spiders? Mix essential oil with water and have it in a spray bottle. Use the spray in different places to avoid spiders. Have you notice, some things are good for humans and animals but not good for spiders and insects. I know it’s amazing. Life is full of experiments and knowledge. Now let’s see how essential oil works for spiders.

Spiders do not come near to essential oil especially peppermint oil, Spider’s detect the smell and run away. So it’s the smell of essential oil that helps to keep spiders away from you.

Using Trap For The Spiders

Now here comes the fifth and final way, the trapping for the spiders. There are different tricks to trap spider-like glue traps fly strips etc. You might never use a vacuum cleaner for the spider. It is good to trap and take out the spider as well as the spider web.


These are the top tricks to get rid of spiders in a basement. If any of these ideas do not work then there are few products as well to keep spiders out of your basement for example

  • Raid
  • Mortein

These 3 are the top any insect killer spray. Hope you got the help here to get a spider-free basement.