Maintenance Tips for Electric Gates


Installing an automatic gate has several benefits. Aside from offering optimum security and privacy, it increases the property’s value, making an electric gate a good investment. Keep on reading!

You don’t have to own a big house and a long driveway to get an electric gate because the extra security provided is necessary for every home. Installing your electric gate is only the first step as you also need to maintain it, so that it remains functional and working properly for many years.

The maintenance of electric gates varies, depending on the type of system you installed. Usually, a low-cost operating system will need more maintenance than a high-end system because the high-end operating system has sealed bearings wheels in slide gates, and maintenance-free hinges in swing gates.


Electric Gates Maintenance Tips

Regardless of the type of electric gate installed, the following tips will help in its maintenance:

1. Clean The Gate

This is an obvious way to maintain your electric gate. Cleaning the gate regularly helps it last longer by preventing rust formation. Like your car, your electric metal gate requires consistent care. You can’t leave dirt on your car for a long time, so you shouldn’t let dirt remain on your gate. The cleaning doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Rinsing off dirt monthly with a hose or a pressure washer will be sufficient.

You may also consider waxing the gate every couple of months. Waxing your gate keeps it clean, leaving the gate looking attractive and prevents the finishing from flaking off. When you fail to wax and clean your gate, you may have to spend a good amount of money on serious maintenance in the future. Taking steps to prevent the gate from getting damaged will cost less than having to repair it in the future.

2. Lubricate The Gate

Depending on your electric gate system, you may need to lubricate some parts to keep them functional. High-end automatic gates may not need lubrication because the moving parts are sealed. If your gate components are not sealed, you need to grease the hinges or wheels, so the gate opens and closes properly.

If your gate is a swing gate, you’d have to lubricate the internal chains. Slide gates also have chains, but they are external, and you need to lubricate them.

3. Take Care Of The Electrical Components

Asides from cleaning the outer parts, you need to maintain the electrical components that form both the internal and external part of the gate. The circuit board which controls the gate is fitted outside, so it is exposed to different elements, including pests and bugs.

Insects are usually the cause of damages in electrical equipment installed outside. You can reduce the risk of the electrical components getting damaged by being vigilant for these critters. Moisture from spider webs, slime trails from slugs, and other insect parts can conduct electricity, which can damage the circuit board.

Insect parts, like wings and their remains, can get stuck in the photocells, blocking the infra-red beam and preventing the gate from operating properly. You can remove the debris and clean them out with a clean, dry paintbrush.

A high-end electric gate may be more resistant to insect interference and damage because the circuit boards are usually kept inside a protective coating and housed in a more secure position. However, no type of electric gate is full proof from pests and insects.

Ensure the cable entries for wiring and circuit board closure of the gate are always sealed because keeping pests away from these parts of the gate is difficult because they can deteriorate from the sun’s effect after a while.

You can also carry out yearly servicing and be on the lookout for changes caused by insects and pest interference.

In Summary

Maintaining your electric gate requires you to know and understand the parts. Following the gate manufacturer’s recommendation and understanding all the gate’s parts is also essential to maintain your electric gate and ensure it stays in top working order for as many years as possible.

It’s important to check the gate periodically to ensure the reversing devices are functioning properly and there is no mechanical damage preventing the gate operator from functioning optimally.

Ensure you also check the batteries in the safety device and replace them at the right time, tighten all electrical connections because expansion, contraction, and vibration caused by weather changes can loosen certain parts of the gate.

For maximum security, you can get an electric gates maintenance expert to carry out periodic maintenance on your electric gate to ensure all parts are working properly.