Easy & DIY Kitchen Cabinet Plans & Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet design ideas

The kitchen is the place where you spend the most part of your day. It is a very important part of a house and other rooms in many ways. You cook food for your loved ones here. Sometimes you may also sit there on tables in family gatherings or just for having a coffee break. Dull kitchen design with outdated cabinets are very unappealing.

You cannot find joy in cooking if the kitchen doesn’t look good. Cabinets are an important part of the kitchen. They give an overall look to your kitchen. Cabinets can be upgraded in many ways to give your kitchen a new better look. Buying new cabinets can be expensive. Many DIY cabinet ideas are also very budget-friendly. You can also buy parts of pantry cabinet and start a DIY project.

Here are some DIY kitchen remodelling ideas for you to give your kitchen a new look.

Custom Existing Kitchen Cabinets

If you think your cabinets are perfectly good and they only need a little touch-up, then you can easily revive your existing cabinets. You just need to upgrade them a little. Add life and color to them by following some instructions.

  • Unscrew every part of the cabinet.
  • Thoroughly clean them.
  • Prime the surface.
  • Paint and design them as per your wish.
  • Choose the color that suits best.
  • Add new attractive handles if you want.
  • Reassemble them.

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Chicken Wire Cabinets

These cabinets are getting famous day by day. The idea of exposed cutlery is getting a lot of preference. Instead of buying these types of costly cabinets, build your own.

  • Remove the door of your existing cabinets, unscrew them
  • Clean out the entire cabinet
  • Use the wires available at your home or buy some cheap ones.
  • Cut a square in the middle of the wooden cabinet.
  • Carefully add chicken wire doors to the cabinets

And enjoy the look of the kitchen with beautifully exposed cutlery.

Antique Cabinets

kitchen cabinet designs

If you are a die-hard fan of vintage, then follow the following given instructions.

  • Take out your cabinets and clean them out.
  • Paint them as per your preference.
  • Distress the surface of the cabinet by scratching using sandpaper or different types of grits.
  • Glaze the cabinets carefully.
  • In the final step, add a layer of protestant to seal.

Towel bar Cabinets

Adding bars for the kitchen hangings adds elegance to your kitchen. Take a bar and just crew it on your cabinets. You can hang contrasting kitchen towels, gloves, and aprons. Adding towel bars adds professionalism. This will give the diner look to your kitchen and easy access to towels as well.

Contrasting Cabinets

Adding a contract to your kitchen is very efficient. You can paint your cabinets in contrast to your kitchen countertops installation. Grey is very famous nowadays. This color adds warmth to the environment. If your kitchen has a graphite countertop, then contrast your cabinet with a darker color.

  • Analyze the color scheme of your kitchen.
  • Paint your cabinets to make a darker color if the kitchen is light and vice versa.

LED Cabinets

Adding led lights to the cabinets gives a modern look to your kitchen. This not only enhances the appearance, it also provides additional lighting decoration to the kitchen.

  • Connect one strip with the connector.
  • Join others with it.
  • Attach the jumper.
  • Lastly fix the adapter.

If you want to be little more than go for light strips having motion sensors.

Rustic Barn Door cabinets

These cabinets allow the exposure of the cutlery. You can slide the doors. One side will always remain exposed. You will only need wood, nails, plywood panels, wood filler, and the necessary tools. You can easily make these at home using tutorials available in video forms.

Chalkboard Cabinets

These cabinets are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Moreover, it is the easiest DIY project you can perform with your children. It is a good way of indulging children.

  • All you have to do is just add the layer of chalkboard paint to the doors of the cabinet.
  • You can also write on it with different colored chalks.
  • Your children will also love the idea of writing on kitchen cupboards. You are never going to forget anything, just write on it. Ask your family to write their daily preferred menu on it.

Fruits and Vegetable Cabinets

Placing fresh vegetables in the basket over the countertops or on the table is now getting old. Many people love the idea of placing them in cabinets.

  • Add life to your old cabinets by painting them.
  • Paint them with fresh natural colors.
  • You can use both, the exposed door cabinets or doorless cabinets.
  • Adding a vegetable cabinet beside the cutlery one is a perfect idea.
  • You can also place plants in the cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Two-Toned Cabinets

Furthermore, a Two-toned cabinet is one of the latest ideas for painting kitchen cabinets. Instead of painting the entire cabinet with one color, you can go for two shades or gradients. One darker and one lighter. If you have cutlery in two different colors paint the cabinet in those colors. Add a darker color on the lower part and lighter on the upper. You can also paint the entire kitchen walls with this contrast.

Glass Door Cabinets with Fabricated Backs

This idea works well with the cabinets that allow the inside visible. You can DIY your exposed cabinets like glass door ones.

  • Take out the cabinets
  • Clean them thoroughly
  • Take the measurements of the inside back wall of the cabinet.
  • Cut the patterned fabric or any desired printed wallpaper accordingly and glue it.


So, you can start a DIY project for your kitchen in many different ways which are also very pocket friendly. Apart from the cupboard also focus on many other things like countertops, walls, and cutlery, etc. You can also buy many decorations from the dollar stores and add a modern touch to the kitchen. DIY cabinets are becoming more and more popular day by day.

They are inexpensive, but their results are dramatic. Flavor up your kitchen with colors, completions, and equipment. Regardless of whether you lean toward a conventional look or something trendy, these kitchen cupboard structure thoughts go a long way past regular organisers.