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Custom Candle Boxes Choosing The Right One For Your Candles

Candle Boxes


Custom Candle Boxes Choosing The Right One For Your Candles

Custom Candle Boxes Choosing The Right One For Your Candles

For a better look at your candles, consider choosing one of the many types of custom candle boxes. You can choose from Thematic, Aromatic, or Tinted options. Once you’ve chosen the type of box, consider the size, color, and protective glossy coating. You can also choose between smooth matte and 24 pt. cardstock for information and durability. When you order a custom candle box, you will be able to choose its shape, size, and protective glossy finish.


Quality packaging for your candles is essential to preserving their fragrance and delicacy. Custom candle boxes can increase brand loyalty and boost sales. After all, you’ve invested in your candles – you want them to reach their customers safely. The packaging must protect your candles from damage during shipping, handling, and storage. Here are some tips for choosing the best packaging for your candles. Make sure to choose a box that has a clean and professional appearance, as well as a clear description of your product’s presentation.


If you’re in need of a unique wholesale Candle packaging solution, you can customize your floaters by using a special printing process. Offset printing transfers an image from a rubber blanket to the paper and allows the ink to dry quickly. It also allows for the utmost detail to be visible. Floating Custom Candle Boxes can be personalized to showcase your unique message and brand. Here are a few ways to design your boxes:


Whether you’re looking to sell your candles or give them as gifts, there are plenty of options for thematic custom candle boxes. Candle boxes are often made with a lid on top to keep the wax from dripping out. Candle boxes with a two-piece design contain both a bottom storage compartment and a top lid with a flap. Candle packaging can be made of a sturdy kraft paper or cardboard and is often used for storing candies.


You can create attractive packaging for your candles by printing on a shiny surface. This feature will add extra sparkle to your branded candles and will surely attract more consumers. A glossy finish is also suitable for candles that will be used in church proceedings or for Easter celebrations. But if you’d like to create a more elegant appearance for your packaging, you can opt for a matte surface finish. You can also choose to include cutouts on the box to make the packaging more appealing.


When it comes to selling candles, there is no better packaging than single-layer custom candle boxes. This type of packaging is highly versatile, perfect for retail use and for marketing campaigns. These boxes are also ideal for promoting holiday products and home fragrance. And the best part? They can be recycled, so you’ll never have to worry about wrapping them! But what if you’re looking for the perfect way to showcase your candles?

Multi-Layer Corrugated Cardboard

For a more aesthetically appealing box for custom candles, you should choose a multi-layer corrugated cardboard. While these boxes will not last as long as custom-printed boxes, they are still great conversation pieces. Custom-printed boxes are more appealing than their plain counterparts, as they allow you to incorporate your company message and logo. Depending on your needs, you can also choose to create a standard box or a decorative candle box for your customers.


Premium custom candle boxes can be used for distribution, product delivery, and storage. Proper packaging not only ensures product safety, but also helps increase a company’s brand identity. While packaging is a necessary part of doing business, it’s also a great way to attract clients. Whether you’re shipping from one location to another, you need to provide a professional appearance that will attract potential customers. If you’re looking for premium custom candle boxes, contact PMS today.


There are several different ways to customize your custom candle boxes. You can use vibrant colors to catch customers’ attention. You can use PMS, CMYK, or even an exact color match for your candle box. If you need a high-gloss finish, consider adding an aqueous coating. These techniques will add a stunning finish to your candle boxes while maintaining a classic design. Here are some tips to help you design the perfect custom candle box.

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