Best Time To Drink Pineapple Juice For Multiple Health Benefits

pineapple juice health benefits

Pineapple juice is a popular, sought-after tropical refreshment. It is a healthy and nutritious beverage containing all essential nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, with a good weightage of calories. 

Pineapple juice keeps you lively, fresh, and hydrated as it contains a necessary amount of water content, which keeps you away from draining. In the meantime, it provides you with multiple health benefits and well-being satisfaction.

Pineapple juice is of high nutritional value and keeps you active and energetic. If taken on a perfect schedule, it is vibrant and can help you boost your immune system and improve people’s lives since it delivers many healthy bursts to the human body.

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What Is The Best Time To Drink Pineapple Juice?

Before leading to several health benefits and improvements, we must know about the supreme time of drinking pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice is a brilliant source of dessert or a refreshing beverage, usually suggested to be taken after a meal. Let us look at different schedules which are best suited for the intake of pineapple juice.

  • Consumption of Pineapple juice before sleep:

Pineapple contains essential amounts of melatonin. It is a hormone that improves melatonin concentration in the blood. The brain naturally produces melatonin in response to darkness and helps with the sleep schedules and circadian rhythms

Therefore, pineapple juice enhances the biological clock and improves the circadian cycle if taken at night. In this way, it maintains your sleep and wake cycle magically.

  • Drinking Pineapple juice at Breakfast:

It is considered the best to drink pineapple juice in the morning or for breakfast. The reason is pretty apparent, as pineapple contains a good amount of sugar (approx. 25g of sugar per glass of pineapple juice). 

This shows that since our body has gotten up from starvation period in the morning, it needs an actual amount of energy and balanced nutrients for the proper functioning of the body throughout the day. 

Therefore, sugar content from pineapple juice is stored as muscle glycogen and converted to glucose for energy provision whenever needed by the body when pineapple juice is consumed in the morning or for breakfast.

  • Drinking Pineapple Juice in Meals Intervals:

It is best to drink pineapple juice between different meals, as it contains nutrients that help in proper digestion. It has enzymes that help break down proteins in the gut and may aid digestion, preventing constipation, gastric issues like acidity, and diarrhea.

Calories Found In Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple juice provides an intensive and nourishing dose of healthy nutrients. It contains a beneficial and a health-giving amount of nutrients and calories that are crucial and all-important for a healthy human body.

A glass of fresh pineapple juice contains an approximate amount of 135 calories. Besides, if looking towards pineapples only, then know that ½ cup of pineapples (diced pineapples) has around 37-40 calories, whereas a ½ cup of crushed pineapples contains a minimum of about 58-60 calories. 

These different calories tell us that pineapple is a highly nutritious fruit and contains several such ingredients that help our body boost up in the best way it can. 

In our leading article, we will be looking at mesmerizing benefits of having pineapple or pineapple juice.


The benefits of this fruit are many, and it’s rich in manganese which helps with fertility. It also contains copper for solid bones; vitamin B6 will keep your nervous system running smoothly while correcting errors produced by a lack or breakdown within cells (such as inflammation). And last but not least, there’s plenty here to satisfy cravings, mainly due to its sweet flavor!

  • Aids in digestion:

Pineapple juice contains bromelain and other such enzymes that help indigestion. These enzymes help break down proteins and carbs and make digestion easier. It improves digestive health.

  • Boosts up your immunity:

Pineapple juice is a healthy, nutritious, and vital beverage that helps boost your immunity and helps the immune system work more efficiently.

  • Keeps skin fresh and nourished:

Pineapple juice contains vitamins A, C, and E, good for the skin. It keeps the skin lively and fresh and prevents acne and pimples. Since it is a refreshing drink, it keeps you refreshing and energetic.

  • Reduces inflammation:

Pineapple juice is a cold nature drink. It helps to reduce inflammation and leaves a profound and energizing effect on one’s health.

  • Rich in nutrients:

Pineapple juice has a range of vitamins and minerals, which keeps you boosted up. It is rich in nutrients and has high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin A, B6, C, E, manganese, copper, and iron. Depending upon the types of nutrients, it has many multiple benefits.

  • Contains additional beneficial compounds:

It contains antioxidants that are stable the unstable compounds and neutralize them into free radicals. These free radicals help to detoxify the body from stress and pollution.

  • May promote heart health:

Pineapple juice promotes heart health and is extremely good for heart patients. The bromelain in pineapple juice is an all-rounder ingredient that aids in heart and life improvement.

Other benefits that pineapple juice holds are as follows:

    • It helps fight different types of cancers due to its high bromelain content.
    • It aids in asthma and reduces its symptoms.
    • It enhances the absorption of certain drugs.
    • It enhances the blood-thinning process in heart patients.
    • It suppresses inflammation, therefore, prevents many chronic diseases.
  • It is suitable for arthritis, as bromelain helps to reduce pain and swelling and fights off infections.
  • It also helps reduce belly fat, as bromelain makes the protein metabolism faster and helps burn belly fat in this way.

There are many emerging benefits of taking pineapple juice, which can never be denied.


Pineapples are a healthy choice for your diet! This sweet, juicy fruit contains various vitamins and minerals that may protect you from disease.

Pineapples are not just delicious; they may also benefit your health! The anti-inflammatory properties in this beverage have been linked to reduced inflammation and protection against certain cancers like breast or oral cancer. It has been proven to improve digestion as well as heart health too. Plus, it smells heavenly and refreshing.

However, the high sugar content of pineapple juice makes it an unsafe choice for those trying to lose weight and for the diabetics as well. Therefore, it isn’t recommended to be taken daily for such people.


  • How much pineapple juice should I drink a day?

Pineapple juice boosts your fruit intake. A single glass of pineapple juice fulfills the need for almost two glasses of water and keeps you hydrated. It is good to drink a glass of pineapple juice every day, but consult your physician first if you are a diabetic or heart patient.

  • Does pineapple juice help to reduce swelling?

Pineapple juice contains bromelain, which is a good pain reliever. It helps to reduce pain and swelling and prevents inflammation.

  • How long does pineapple juice last?

Pineapple juice has a shelf life of about 7 to 10 days when refrigerated, but it can be extended by freezing. To reduce the amount that spoils before you eat them or drink their leftover defrosted, concentrate your pineapples into an ice-filled container for long-term storage (with at least 1/2 inch headspace).

  • How much pineapple should I eat before surgery?

Bromelain is advised to be taken before any surgery. Take 500mg of bromelain two times a day before any surgery as it reduces bruising and helps in pain relief. 

Instead of bromelain, you can also take pineapple, containing an actual amount of bromelain.

  • Is pineapple good for your liver?

The delicious tangy taste of this fruit is not just for your mouth; it also has health benefits. One serving provides you with bromelain, an enzyme that helps keep the liver free from toxins by digesting fatty tissue better than ever before! In addition to being rich in nutrients like vitamin C and fiber content (which treats diabetes), pineapple can be used as a natural medicine against abnormal cell growths such as cancerous ones because its antioxidants have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

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