Nursery Decoration Ideas: Tips That Are Practical

Going to have a little one in the home soon? Decorating the baby’s room is one thing you would be excited and equally worried about. Worry not.

This article is going to give you tips to decorate your baby’s nursery from scratch under low budget with practical tips..

Baby Room Décor Ideas

Decorating a baby’s room or a nursery is a worrisome task but you can save yourself from the exhaustion just by planning your decoration ideas ahead and move along step by step by trusting your gut.

Select A Theme

First things should be done first. So selecting a theme for your baby’s nursery is very important.It is all time possible that you might like more than one theme and are undecided to what to do and days are passing by.

Just don’t panic. Sit along your partner, friends or family and focus on the theme you want to choose.

If you know the gender of your baby already you can pick the baby girl bedroom theme or baby boy bedroom theme accordingly or otherwise you can do a neutral theme too. This is the part of your home upgrade so be excited!

There is a range of baby nursery themes from Disney Princesses for your baby girl bedroom to sailor’s style and from galaxy to under the sea style for nursery ideas for boys.

Choose Your Fabric First

Once you have selected a theme, go choose your fabric first instead of going for wall paint.  Choose the fabric of your cutie pie’s room curtains and bedding.

Because once you have chosen the wall paint it will be difficult to find the matching and desirable fabric shade.

baby room fabric

Choose The Wall Paint Smartly

While doing nursery wall décor choose the colors smartly. Babies should have soothing and calming effect from their surroundings, says a scientific research so choose the wall paint colour wisely.

It should be subtle and cool. Pastels are a good choice. Don’t go for sharp or too dark colors. But in the end you can choose freely for nursery painting idea. Cheers!

Decorate The Ceiling Too

Baby wall décor is important but considers decorating the ceiling of nursery too. Babies spend time lying down and observe the canvas above them (ceiling) a lot.

Putting some decorative designs or embellishments like stars etc would be a nice idea to give your baby a new world of imagination.

Make A Nursing Station

In the nursery an area should be assigned for nursing stuff specifically. Because nursing is a tricky task and taking care of your new born will be tiresome no matter how much you’d love it.

All the nursing stuff like:

  • feeding bottles,
  • nursing pads,
  • cleaning wipes,
  • burp clothes,
  • bib etc

They should be arranged in an easily accessible way.

Make a Sanitary Station

Just like nursing is tricky, sometimes sanitation can be disastrous too. We should hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Arrange all the:

  • diapers,
  • changing mat,
  • cleaning wipes,
  • nappy rash cream,
  • anti bacterial wipes,
  • disposable diaper bags

must be arranged properly to avoid any hassle.

Additionally, this station will keep the diaper changing process to one specific area and will save the rest of the nursery from dirt and germs.

Make The Nursery Clutter Free

Keep in mind that you have to carry your baby at any hour of the day or night. You could possibly be exhausted or sleepy at that time.

Make your baby’s room clutter free to avoid bumping into stuff and getting yourself or your little one hurt.

baby room clutter free

Think About The Future

Decorate your baby’s nursery as you wish think about his or her future too. Soon your baby girl or baby boy will grow out of the little crib you bought with so much love.

Keep some room to replace it with a little bed later on. Or just like that consider space for adding a dresser after a few years.

Smart choices go a long way. Also think about some cool stuff to put in your room.

Closet Of Your Baby

Keeping track of your baby’s clothes is quite complicated. We recommend you to fill up the closet with the present size of your newborn and weather type in your area.

 If it’s winter , stuff the closet with warm clothes, socks, caps etc and put the lighter ones in storage for summer or spring use.

Long drawers are considered best for keeping baby’s clothes.