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The recent surge in technical breakthroughs has made it possible for people to carry out their religious rites and practises wherever they may be on the globe. People are today immersed in a sea of communication technology, including cellphones, computers, the Internet, browsers, and websites, which allows them to peruse material and evaluate its worth. 

We at 99Pandit offer online puja services and best North Indian Pandit in Bangalore, allowing you to perform rituals from the comfort of your own home or another location anywhere in the world.We are able to service our clients in six distinct languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, and Tamil. 

Our pandits all have years of experience and are well-versed in ancient Vedic procedures.Our online puja services combine religious rites with technology and then perform them at the most auspicious muhurat for each person’s local time zone.

Because of the influence of COVID-19 on humans, how has digital technology altered the pooja rituals and the vedic rites?

These technologies have altered the ways in which individuals communicate with one another regardless of the physical areas in which they live all over the globe. They are also an important part of poojas, prayers, ceremonies, havan, and many other rituals.

These technologies are being seen by millennials as the ideal method to arrange any event during this epidemic strike. Are you considering carrying out any kind of religious observance in the comfort of your own home? And do you have a pandit who can provide you with the necessary puja samagri at your location?

Then you have arrived at the correct location, because on our website, anybody may quickly and easily make an online reservation for a puja service in any language and any location of their choosing. and can buy puja samagri from our online store.

What is the procedure for using these online puja booking services?

99Pandit.Com is firmly convinced of the significance of performing Vedic pooja rituals from their very beginnings.

The generations who live their lives at a breakneck speed are now searching the internet for online puja services in the language that is most meaningful to them, as well as a way to execute such rituals either online or offline.

As a result, we devised a method wherein any religious service, together with Pandit Ji and puja samagri, may be booked on our website with only a single click. 

All of our pandits are experts in the Vedic disciplines, have extensive experience in those practises, and have received their education from well-regarded Vedic institutes in India. Everything on our website is customizable and may be adapted to meet the requirements of each query posed by a client. 

You may participate in the e-puja from anywhere you are as long as you have access to a working internet connection and a laptop computer.

After the puja booking has been made, we will bring all of the pooja samagri to your doorstep; all that is required of you is to carry out the rituals in accordance with Pandit Ji’s instructions. You are able to choose the pandits for puja online depending on the day of the prayer that is going to be done as well as the language that you want to use.

You are welcome to schedule an E-Puja for any of the following rituals:

  1. Rahu Ketu Puja online booking.
  2. Sarpasamskara online puja booking.
  3. Online reservation for Navagraha pooja.
  4. Vaishno Devi online puja booking
  5. Online reservation for Maha Mrityunjaya puja
  6. Ganapati Puja and Homa.
  7. Griha Pravesh Puja
  8. Birthday puja book.
  9. Remedy Puja booking.
  10. Havana/Homas.
  11. Pithru Karyam Puja booking.

The services listed above are some of the few that are available for online booking of pujas. Through our website, it is quite simple to make an online reservation for a pandit for a puja, and we will gather some of the fundamental information, such as your name and address.

  • Full Name:
  • Mobile Number:
  • Email Account Address:
  • Name of the Puja Variant:
  • The Puja Date::
  • Local Address:

One will get a confirmation SMS or email after the corresponding puja service has been booked in the selected language and location. This confirmation will state that the respective service has been booked on the specified day.

In the meantime, a member of our customer service team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours. In the meanwhile, you may make the payment online by using the payment site.

After the epidemic caused by the coronavirus, one may make use of these e-puja services in a stress-free way, and it is now quite easy to conduct any event right at one’s own home. The Internet has proven to be an excellent example of how to easily enjoy Vedic traditions even when circumstances are difficult.

At 99Pandit, we take care of the whole procedure, starting with the booking of a puja online, continuing with the hiring of a pandit and assigning him, and then on with the preparation of pooja samagri, muhurtham, and other necessary items. Simply kick back, relax, and take pleasure in the rituals of Vedic culture.

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