10 Beautiful Home Accents | Home Decor Ideas

It is a common belief that “A home is where your heart is.” Everybody strives to build the coziest home accents. It is where you spend your good and bad times together with your family. The warmth, love, and care you feel in your home are what you value the most. You put your heart and soul in making it the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Your preferences in home design speak a lot about your choice and style. A home remodeling project demands your attention and contemplation. So, try to hiring a professional remodeling contractor, makes it a lot easier and fun.

Home decor pieces are excellent additions to a remodeled home. Following is a list of 10 pieces of home décor which are worth splurging on for your next home improvement project. It is not compulsory to invest handfuls of money, look for affordable yet trendy statement pieces.

10 Beautiful Home Accents

  1. Chandeliers

Thinking about adding magic to your space with elegance? Chandeliers are the lifesavers! This ornamental light fixture will bring ambiance with style in any of the room you choose it for. They are available in various styles such as contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, and pendants. Compliment your ceilings with brass or bronze finished hangings.

  1. Hanging Plant Pots

Mother-nature nurtures us with the green plants. Hanging pots with indoor flowering plants are treated for the eyes and food for the soul. The colorful blossoms on hanging plants add up a cheering factor. Plant Devil’s Ivy for clean, fresh and toxin-free air indoors.

  1. Oriental Area Rug

Area rugs have been popular since ages and are going to be a mainstay for years to come. They add up a luxurious warmth to your space. An oriental area rug is definitely an expensive item, but it is totally worth it. Who doesn’t love to plunge feet into the plushness of high-pile luxury!

  1. Geometrical Book Shelves

Bare walls and corners can be adorned with geometrical bookshelves for appealing interiors, especially if you are a bibliophile. You may not be the biggest fan of reading out there, but it adds a ton of Awe-Factor in your living rooms. Hexagonal bookshelves are a chic addition available at affordable prices!

  1. Curio Cabinets

Some traditions are there to stick! Curio cabinets are the display cases available in mesmerizing designs. Are you a collector of small decoration pieces? Or own a large hand-crafted doll and are worried about its display? This is a perfect cabinet to keep it clean and in the display!

  1. Shell Chairs

Shell chair is one of the most intriguing designs of the last century. It is still among the top choice of homeowners owing to their comfort. With the impressive sense of proportion, shell chairs compliment almost every home interior.

  1. Statement Mirror

A statement mirror is great to reflect on while your next home remodeling project. Ask your general contractor, to create a unique plan with mirrors for a magical effect. A wall light directed towards the mirror creates a beautiful effect.

  1. Console Table

A quality wood table is what every home need. The console tables come in simplistic designs for your books, vases and anything you can put onto it!

  1. Velvet Accent Chairs

Adding color pops with velvety warms is made easy with the velvet accent chairs. The deep blue shade is my personal favorite!

  1. Contemporary Style Chaise

A contemporary style chaise is bound to add living comfort of your lounge with style. Call the most reliable renovation company, for amazing homes!


Helen Marshal is an outstanding home remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for the past many years. He is very enthusiastic about his work and keeps himself updated by the state of the art new home remodeling and renovation technologies.